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Darlene Cook
Artist. Creator. Visionary.

What is my agenda? I am an opti-myst,
“this or something better”, has been my mantra for most of my life. I encourage you and myself to dream big, go for it, take the leap, bridge the gap, take the breath, let it go, let yourself go, come back and offer a hug, lend a hand, give yourself a hand, Be brave, celebrate, cell-a-brate, cell-vibration, feel your vibration and dance, awake, be awake, be the quake, be the movement you want to see, be the see-er, be the do-er, make a mistake, be the cause, be the solution, be enough, show up, show out, bloom, create, play, thank the Creator, live as though I am grateful and be of service. 
-Darlene Cook


What’s Happening 

  • Original design to support The Hostel in the Forest  {T-shirts, mugs, bags ect.}

  • Arts on the Coast online gallery (Aug 24th - Nov 16th)

  • Appearance at Art Slam - February 29th

  • Published in We’moon 2020 & 2021 datebook


It is my pleasure to follow up and answer any questions you may have. I would like to invite you to join me for a studio/ Gallery visit.

(912) 230- 2640

Thanks for submitting!

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