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Artist Statement

A great day is when I am in my art studio and get so lost in a painting that I forget to do anything else. When I finally step away to come back and see that I left the paint out and did not clean my brushes. Remembering there were times I held my breath and experienced a scope of emotions. I know at that time I have gone to that sacred place where I add layers of paint, prayers, and intention. Where I listen deeply to the next right stroke. My art can be eclectic and definitely a spiritual dive for me. I enjoy acrylic and oils, really any medium. Creation is the key, from arranging rocks to make my own labyrinth to painting a bus for the local school.  The connection To a higher purpose for the painting is what keeps me engaged as an artist. trusting the knowing that it isn’t only me that heals through art but others that feel it when they see the finished piece.

Artist Bio

Darlene Cook Is an intuitive visionary artist. She lives in southeast Georgia with her husband of 20+ years. They are blessed with children and grandchildren. She is originally from northeast Ohio and does not miss the cold. In the last 13 years, Darlene has come to see that the healing arts, be it her profession as a massage therapist or being an artist requires a connection of spirit to see the unseen. Helping others through touch helped her to see that dropping barriers and really feeling energy is the gift of healing available to all of us. Darlene has always been creative and was that child that would draw what you needed. It wasn’t until the last few years that she jumped in with both feet. She feels blessed to have been given guidance and technique from a local artist that joyfully shared her skills She encouraged Darlene to find her artIstic spirit, and style. Continuing to grow as an artist, Darlene has received instruction from a variety of accomplished artists. Her colorful paintings range from whimsical to spiritual. Her distinctive personal style comes from a deeper connection to a thought or feeling. If you ask her about a painting she will take you on a journey through layers of paint and with emotion weave the story. Taking on a new adventure, this last year Darlene has completed her 9-month training to be a certified Intentional Creativity teacher. 

Darlene currently has a piece of art in an online exhibition from a workshop intensive offered by Amanda Sage in collaboration with the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. Transformation 2020 following step by step of the Mischtechnik. Her paintings have been published in We’Moon 2020 date book and chosen for the 2021 We’Moon date book and greeting card. She has received acknowledgment with ribbons and awards. She delights in giving back to her community and it shows by painting the technology bus for the McIntosh County school, yes! A bus! She has created custom art to benefit The Hostel in the Forest. It is her biggest joy to share her vision with others. What would it mean to be authentic? That is what she is striving to find out. To be so vibrantly her true self. Honoring that, her goal would be to encourage and support others to do the same.

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